Cookie Factory Closed for the night……



This afternoon, after our infamous shopping trip, Barry and I opened our Holiday candy/cookie factory.

Today’s focus was cookies for Barry’s office party tomorrow. We made 8 dozen sugar cookies, put them on cooling trays and when they were ready, dipped them in chocolate and peanut butter dip, laid everything out on wax paper to cool and waited. When everything was cool enough, we put them in gift bags and closed shop for the night, This only took 5 hours. 

Before the 27th, we have more cookies to bake and cherries to dip in chocolate. I used to soak the cherries in spiced rum before dipping them, but pop doesn’t need the rum anymore. We might peanuts clusters this year, but maybe not. We are both tired and do not need to push ourselves too far.

Our great-niece has made a request for two different types of cookies. We have combined the chocolate and peanut butter to make C-cookies. Named after our sweet little great-niece. She wanted M&M cookies and then changed it to peanut-butter cookies. Is it not the cutest thing to have a child ask for cookies for Christmas? She is absolutely adorable.

Her little brother will probably be as sweet as her. He’s still the little bitty guy in the family for now, but Aunt Jill and Uncle Barry got him the coolest present. It’s loud and noisy. I can’t wait to see his sweet little face.

Good night everyone, the Cookie Shop is closed and baker number 2 is about join baker number one in sleep town! Sweet Dreams!

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