Holiday Shoppers! Ohmy!

santa borderI am usually shocked by the behavior of people without disabilities, but today I decided that no one cares about anyone else any longer. This is a time of giving, love and cheer. Barry and I got far more than that while shopping for essentials today. We only went out for things we had to have! Into the pit of craziness we went.

I’m still not feeling my best, but it was a day that shopping would have been easier with one of the motorized carts. The carts were not sitting all over the store, dead were in with the other carts, dead and not even plugged in. The people using the carts couldn’t even be bothered to turn them off and plug them in to charge. But we have to help each other. The employees working couldn’t take the time to have the dead carts around the store taken out of the way and put up to charge. They would probably be the first to complain if they needed one.

These carts are kindly made available at certain stores, so that people with disabilities can get out and do things for themselves, keeping a sense of normalcy.  I have gone to the store, when I really was not up to it and all of the carts would have dead batteries or be out of service. Kinda burst your bubble. Grab a push cart and do your best yo get around the store.

Today, a lady in a motorized cart wanted to see something on a display, that she couldn’t get to. I was standing off my cart looking at an item on the top shelf when this lady decided she would try to get her cart between mine and the display. She bumped my cart, which knocked into me and I fell into a rack of clothes. She didn’t even apologize, she just rode off. Then as we were leaving, a disabled man pretty much tried to sit in the seat of the cart with me and when I did get up, he was taking off with our groceries before we got them out of the basket. On top of everything else, an elderly lady had already asked if she could have the cart. I told him that and with her standing behind him, he got on that cart and rode off. He did not even look back.

I was just shocked. I apologized to the lady and got out of there. 

Whatever happened to “Love thy Neighbor”?

People used to be kind and treat each other with a littlte respect. Has respect been taken out of the dictionary? I must have missed that.

 I was unable to have children. After I see the way some kids act, if they were mine, I’m not sure whether or not they’d be able to sit down for months or be grounded for life. I know what my momma would have done to us. It would have involved a weeping willow tree and picking out which branch we wanted her to use.

Barry and I were both exhausted leaving that crazy place. I just don’t get people anymore………….

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Shoppers! Ohmy!

  1. I’m not quite sure what’s going on anymore. I’ve seen what you’re talking about. You’re not alone. I just know that I need to be the one who continues to smile at clerks and strangers and stay centered for my own self.

  2. Jill, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I agree with you about how common decency and kindness has all but disappeared, especially in public places.

    • It is just a shame the way people have gotten over the years. I know they know better, especially anyone close to my age. We just don’t know how to talk to each other anymore. Thank you for your reply! Jill

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