Mom is seeing dead people at the back door…….Should we be worried?

It did not matter how many times I told mom I needed to rest today, she never stopped waking me up and checking on me. What part of I need to rest doesn’t she get?

She had no trouble sitting down in the living room, this morning, to tell me all about her dreams, after I crawled out of bed. She cornered me when I got comfy in my chair with breakfast, told me to turn the TV down so she could talk. 

This terribly important thing I needed to hear was all about her crazy dreams last night. Apparently she spent the evening playing hostesses to a lot of dead relatives. First was some lady she went to grade school with. She said they spent hours talking about why there were no cows in the barn.

Her next guest was my great-grandmother. They talked about raising my sisters and I. Mom made hoecake, coffee and they had honey.

Next was her dad, my grandfather. He, mom and my great-grandmother continued until Granny had to leave. Mom saw Granny out and Grandpa decided he’d attempt to make more coffee, but one ole’ little problem.

Grandpa died in 1971 before automatic coffee makers were invented. He was making a mess in Mom’s kitchen and she always loves a good mess to clean. Of course she was tickled to show him how to use the new fangled coffee pot. They continued their conversation and she talked about all her brothers and sisters. She says she enjoyed seeing him.

She was disappointed her mom had not visited. She says she couldn’t understand why grandma didn’t show, but she says she understood. Grandma F. Had she a rough time when she passed. There was something in her story about someone in the outhouse. By that time I was zoned out. 


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  1. I wonder what is so confusing about “I just need a little rest..” my Grandma has a heck of a time with it. I tease and tell her that I’m going to make a drinking game out of her asking “Can I get you anything, sweetie?” Of course, then she shoots right back, “at least you’ll be getting your fluids.”

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