Letting things go…..

Can anyone out there tell me how to do this?

The bible says to give it to God and not to worry.

There are certain things in life that are radically difficult to just put aside and not worry about.

  • Friends, eh, you learn who your true friends are when times get tough.
  • Family will always be family, no matter how much worry they cause, they are family. You love them anyway.
  • A brain tumor diagnosis, a stroke, cancer diagnosis, any life threatening illness that could lead to a major life change…

How do you not worry about things like that?

I do my best to give things to God, but I feel like I struggle daily with this issue. I pray and ask the Lord to strengthen my will and give me the knowledge I need to be able to understand how and be able to turn things totally over to him.

Hopefully the stronger my faith and knowledge about Christ and the bible, will help me find the peace I feel like I am looking for. My support system worries as much as I do.

God, help Barry and I figure out how to give it all over to you. We are your students……

5 thoughts on “Letting things go…..

  1. Heather, I thought I had nerves of steel. Things get good and then they head in the opposite direction at the drop of a hat. Not sure how much more I can take. I try everyday to remain strong and tough as nails, my nails are turning into twigs and getting weak.I need to shake out of this funk and get my attitude back in gear. This is not me……Jill

  2. From a christian perspective it is not about this world. This world is the devel’s playground. Follow your feelings and you will make the right decisions. Follow your brain and you could make mistakes. The truth is your mind is part of the spirit and moves on with the spirit when we die. The brain is part of this cell the spirit resides in. The brain can be and many times is manipulated to make undersirable decisions leading to undesirable results. Thus, your mind is part of the spirit and in essence is your conscience. Your conscience is your inner most feelings and they never lie. Remember, it is not about this few years on this earth. It is all about the eternity after this life.

    Art Noel

    • Very insightful. Helps me understand things a little better. I’ve been reading scriptures this afternoon, looking for some answers, I think I need to dig a little deeper to understand better……..Jill

  3. I also struggle with aligning my feelings with God’s word. It is very challenging! I just finished reading a book about understanding God’s love, and how to practically go about “giving everything to God” and have His peace. Its called “The Way of Agape” by Nancy Missler. I read it just after my son’s brain surgery. It has helped me tremendously, but I still have to make faith choices, and hold on, despite what I’m feeling. I know that it takes time, but God always keeps His promises.

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