Ohmy, what is wrong with me!

I’ve just about had it.

Where do I sign up for a full body transplant? If they were doing those, I’d be the first one in line. I’d even keep my screwed up brain if my body would act right or should I be looking for the brain transplant line? That might be just the fix I need!

Something is going on and I cannot figure it out. I feel okay, not sick…..my energy level is just in the toilet. I think it is about to the point of being in the septic tank. I just cannot shake it.

As a nurse, I have told tons of people to listen to their bodies, they will usually tell you what they need. But what does my body need? It is telling me to do nothing but sleep.

Since the brain surgery, I’ve had a little trouble telling when I’m sick or getting sick. It’s hard to explain, but I have gone to the doctor feeling fine, for a check up or something to find out I have a raging fever. Usually ends up being bronchitis or a sinus infection.

The only issue I have had lately was a medication side effect. They took me off the medicine and the problem is going away.  If I get to feeling bad, I’ll get Barry to take me to the ER, but I hate the thought of that dreadful place.  

I have no headache, my neck is sore, but it is from the brain tumor pressing into nerves. I’ve been keeping up with all my check-ups and I take all of my medication as prescribed. I’ll just stay hydrated and take it easy through the holiday.

Although I do need to open the cookie factory for a while tomorrow. I may have to find a couple of recruits that will work cheap. There are two others around here that can be quite handy. I’ll stop rambling now. Going back to sleep. Night all!

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    • Would love the help! Mom and Barry are going to be my cookie elves and any other family member that shows up today. You’d fit right in. Hope the two of you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy those grandchildren…….Jill

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